SubieBros F1 LED Bar Style Rear Fog Light

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SubieBros is proud to offer our LED Bar Style Rear Fog light!

This light features dual intensity built in (brake and running light LEDs). The light comes complete with a plug and play harness and all the hardware needed to install your rear fog light.

Please check out the pictures and video demo below to see how the light operates and install instructions.

You also have to option to switch the flashing light feature on or off for track days from the drivers seat of the car - you simply hold the brake pedal down and turn your headlights on and then off 3 times!

You will need to check your local jurisdiction if the strobe function is legal for on road use if you chose to use it, rear fog lights are not compatible with vehicles equipped with eyesight.


Compatible with:
2015 - 2020 WRX/STI
2011 - 2014 WRX and STI Sedan
2012 - 2016 Impreza Sedan, Hatchback
2012 - 2017 XV Crosstrek

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    Rear fog light

    Posted by Jacob Edmund on Dec 8th 2020

    Full disclosure. I bought the subispeed rear fog light first after doing a quick google search for a rear fog light. After trying to install that light for nearly 3 hours I gave up and returned the car to stock form. The main issue was the quick connect harness, which was extra by the way. After further research I found the Subie Bros rear fog light and ordered it. Not only did the Subie Bros product come with the quick connect harness by default, it was cheaper and was better quality. Additionally, the formal instruction video for the Subie Bros product was miles better than anything from subispeed. Installation was a breeze and the product looks fantastic. 5/5

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    Excellent Product - Looks Great! - Red Bar w/ Black Back

    Posted by Brian A. on Dec 7th 2020

    I want to say that these appear to be of extremely high quality. The wiring for the plug and play kit is top-notch, the only thing that could be improved is additional wiring protection that comes directly out of the foglight as the wire seems as though it might rub on the metal bracket. The connections seem well made.

    I added dielectric grease to prevent water from corroding any of the connections. I suggest you do this especially for the bottom connector that goes to the light, as water will splash up there.

    Installation would have been easy if I had understood how the metal bracket installs better. The bracket has two "feet" that actually need to sit below the back of the tunnel and not inside it as is shown in the install video. This caused me some undue frustration as the feet inside the tunnel prevents the screw holes from lining up. Instead of pushing the metal bracket through the tunnel just put it on through the back and line up the bottom metal feet below the tunnel and it will be painless. Does not even require you to jack up your car.

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    Amazing light

    Posted by Miguel on Oct 28th 2020

    The light is very bright and very stylish. Easily seen by other drivers. Installation is very simple.

  • 5
    Amazing light

    Posted by Miguel on Oct 28th 2020

    The light is very bright and very stylish. Easily seen by other drivers. Installation is very simple.

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    What I was looking for

    Posted by Robert E Reinhard on Oct 20th 2020

    This light was perfect for what I was looking for. The instruction video goes through the actual light installation piece rather quickly and skips the part where you use the included plastic clip and additional screw and metal clip to secure the light from the sides. Other than that the plug and play harness was extremely easy and no splicing wires was involved. The plastic clips holding the center trunk trim are rather delicate and can be easily broken. This makes them more difficult to re install when finished.

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    F1 LED Rear Fog Light

    Posted by Matthew J. on Oct 4th 2020

    OEM like rear fog light, install not complicated. Well thought out video to follow. + Super fast shipping. Very happy with this purchase for my 20 STI, very impressive SubiBros...

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    all WRX/STI Needs this

    Posted by Carlo agravante on Sep 17th 2020

    I personally bought the F1 style brake light, not because it looks cool when it storbes. I bought it to get peoples attention when I am slowing down or braking. There are so many vehicles that get rear ended by people being distracted. With the F1 light strobing light I hope this helps to get peoples attention.

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    Posted by Alex on Sep 12th 2020

    Esay to install eveything was simple strongly recommended it

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    F1 light

    Posted by Miguel on Aug 31st 2020

    The light looks amazing, I will definitely be getting more STI mods.