Price Matching


Subie Bros works hard to keep prices as low as possible all the time which means we run very limited discounts and promo codes. If you have found an exact item we carry from a US retailer for less, we can generally price match. In order for us to price match the item must be the exact same model, options and color. To submit a price match please send us a screen shot of your items in your cart with any applicable shipping charges added. Many of our products require us to adhere to MAP pricing - on these items we cannot go below the manufacture MAP. We will do our best to price match but we are not always able to - shoot us an email at to see what we can do for you.



We are continuously looking for ways to keep our prices down and shipping costs free, or as low as possible. Prices can fluctuate anytime (up or down) due to market conditions, sales, exchange rates, etc. At this time we are unable to adjust pricing after an order has shipped. If you would like to return your product and re-order it as the same price you may as long as it qualifies under our return policy. Note that you will receive a refund minus actual shipping cost.