Perrin Turbo Sump Restrictor (2015+ WRX)

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Fix both the burning oil smell and blue exhaust smoke problems associated with your WRX turboback exhaust or Stage 2 and higher WRX by installing the PERRIN Turbo Sump Restrictor.

Many customers experience a burning oil problem or blue smoke coming from their exhaust after installing aftermarket j-pipes or turboback exhaust systems. Installing these parts on the 2015+ WRX's (FA DIT Engine) causes a change in the exhaust pressure, allowing engine oil to escape out the turbo seals. This leaks into the exhaust creating the burning oil smell and blue smoke that many people see. Cars with catless j-pipe setups experience this issue much more than cars with high flow cats.

The PERRIN Turbo Sump Restrictor makes the turbo sump pump more effective at sucking oil out of the turbo sump. This in turn creates a slight vacuum on the turbo sump creating proper balance of exhaust pressure and vacuum on the turbo seals, significantly reducing the amount of the leaking around the turbo seals. This does not change the oil flow to the turbo in any way.