MeLe 600 Series Lightweight Battery Mount

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MeLe Design Firm is an enthusiast owned CNC company out of Portland, OR. We specialize in making direct fit, lightweight battery mounts for various platforms.
We were the first company to make a direct fit, lightweight battery mount for the 15+ WRX and STi.

-5052 marine grade, locally sourced aluminum

-CNC cut in house

-Hand formed, hand finished, hand riveted

-Each mount comes with a unique serial # for authenticity and quality control

-Comes with 304SS mounting hardware

-Direct fit, no drilling required


-Sheds 13.8 lbs. from the nose of the vehicle, a 45% reduction in battery weight.

-Creates usable space to custom mount various items 

-Cleans up engine bay 

-Track tested (MeLe is currently being used in various forms of racing)


-able to use Cobb Flex Fuel Kit

-able to use Delicious Tuning Flex Fuel Kit

-able to use I Wire Fuel Pump Controller Kit