F1 Style LED Rear Fog Light (Red, Clear/Red, Smoked, Matte Black)

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We present you with the full LED F1 Style Rear Fog. This light can be wired to work as just a brake, fog or running light or you can also include the F1 style flasher that will flash 3 times when the brake pedal is pressed.

You can optionally also get the flash switch (crimping required) which will allow you to turn on and off the flashing function. Check out our overview and unboxing video below. Note: The wire color's have changed. The RED wire coming from the rear fog light now controls the flashing function.

Plug and Play Harness - Makes it so that you don't have to tap into the factory harness! You just simply install it in between the factory harness connection and the tail light (also compatible with Tail and Turn module).

Dual Intensity Controller- Adds dual intensity so that you can have the F1 light as a running light (reduced brightness) then when you push on the brake it adjusts to full brightness.


2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, WRX/STI

2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 WRX Sedan

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 XV Crosstrek

2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 Impreza

***Not Compatible with vehicles equipped with eyesight***

Comes with mounting bracket and hardware.

Red, Clear/Red, smoked or clear/matte black lens available.

Includes a 1 year warranty.

Free shipping!

Professional installation is recommended, each light comes with a general wiring guide specific to which product options you selected. 

Check out our demo and install video (Note that the YELLOW wire in the video has changed to RED coming from the rear fog light):


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  • 5
    10/10 product

    Posted by Nelson on Jun 30th 2019

    recommend. to each his own but the matte black variant is the best! change my mind. install video extremely helpful and worth the money to just tack on the additional plug and play harness so you dont have to mess with anything.

  • 5

    Posted by MARCUS CRAGE on Jun 20th 2019


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    F1 fog/brake light setup

    Posted by Justin on Jun 18th 2019

    Just a small mod that gives your WRX a different look

    Installation was straight forward since I opted for the plug and play harness.

    That being said, just match the color coded wires and Walla done.

    I wrapped the wires coming from the light in electrical tape, just to give it protection from road debri. Installation was simple enough, didn't have to jack the rear end up or anything. The metal bracket you might need to bend inward/down the tabs to help hold the bezel in place against the bumper cutout. I had to bend mine about 1/8" to help secure it. Aka snug fit.

    Hope this info helps

    Would def buy again and would / will recommend.

  • 5
    Easy to install

    Posted by Sean on Jun 15th 2019

    Pretty straight forward install, took about 30 minutes to get everything working and looking great!

  • 5
    Fog Light

    Posted by Tony on Jun 6th 2019

    Easy as can be to install, I have a 2011 wrx only problem with it was, the 2 screws that came with it are a little too short. Good price and looks amazing!

  • 5
    Awesome F1 light !

    Posted by Tubby Bert on May 28th 2019

    I am happy with the F1 light, it fit perfectly and was an easy install. It’s very bright and works as it’s suppose too. Harness made for a clean install without having to cutting into the the factory harness. DJ was awesome and very supportive . Great job SubieBros !

  • 5
    F1 Fog Light

    Posted by Jacob on Apr 1st 2019

    Easy to install, package came with all necessary wires and hardware, thanks Subiebros!

  • 5
    looks amazing! flashing is very bright...

    Posted by SAUMYA BANERJEE on Jan 24th 2019

    was expecting an easy install, but my 2018 wrx ltd already had wiring going through the hole on the bumper on the drivers side...threw me off a bit.

  • 5
    Shine bright like a diamond.

    Posted by David H on Jan 24th 2019

    Kick ass light, build quality is rad. The wires are permanently attached to the housing for easy of wiring from inside the trunk. Overall install was easy. Just be sure to wear eye protection for the dirt you’ll be knocking off from the underside of the car when removing the bumper clips. The wiring harness makes the light plug and play and works with LED reverse turn as tail setups too. There are two screws and two self tapping screws including for a secure fit on the inside of the bumper. The brightness levels matched up nicely.