2018+ WRX/STI DRL Fog Light Bezels - Sequential Turn Signals

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SubieBros is excited to offer our Sequential fog Bezels for the 2018+ WRX and STI.

These bezels come with a bright 5500k DRL LED Light bar that also has built in sequential turn signals.

Plug and Play Harness Options:

Turn Signal PnP Harness (WRX Limited and STI ONLY) - This harness allows you to hook up the turn signal function without any permanent modification to your factory harness.
C-Light DRL Harness (WRX Base and Premium ONLY) - This harness will turn BOTH your C-Lights and these Bezels into DRLs, which means they will be on all the time including when you turn your headlights on.


Hyperflash Options: If you are replacing the turn signals on your WRX Base/Premium you will need a hyperflash module so that you don't get the excessively fast blinking or hyperblink. You do NOT need this for the WRX Limited/Premium.



  • 5500k light output (matches Diode Dynamics C-Lights and Factory C-Lights on WRX Limited and STI)
  • Comes with plug and play harness (requires tapping into the turn signal bulb wire on WRX Limited and STI models)
  • Has toggle switches that allow you to switch between sequential or switchback modes for the turn signal
  • 1 year warranty

Instructions not included

Here is a demo of the sequential function: